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Can You Math? This game  is hard, some have said too hard. Put your math skills to the test.  


P The Larger Prime is a card shedding game. The object of the game is to be the first player to ditch all your cards while playing prime numbers. 


Two variants of play, Normal and Tournament for different levels of skill. 

A new take on the traditional playing card deck.

This deck of playing cards turns the standard 54 card deck of 13 cards per suit, into a 67 card deck where each suit has the 16 digits of Hexadecimal.

You can play any of your favorite classic card games. 


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Our Future Projects

We are always working on new games and ideas.


Wu shi is a multiplayer card game with hand building mechanics and lots of player interaction. It is currently under going playtesting, and the art is being made. We hope to have beta review copies ready by Summer of 2020. 


Birds of Paradise is a game in the really early stage of development. 

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