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2151 Games Logo

We have been working on different logo designs for about a month now and have finally finished the design.

It took about three months to come up with the name 2151 Games. I tossed around so many different names and asked people what they thought about the multitude of options I had. I asked other people how they came up with their business names, all of them had different answers. Some chose names that were meaningful to them, others used inspirational words, acronyms of the founders. In the end I used the house number to my college rental because that was where I first got the idea of making games. After a few days of using the name in different settings I really started to like it. Not only did it have meaning to me it sounded kind of futuristic. So my advice on picking a name is to just pick a name and use it for a week, after that you will think it is perfect and will never want to change it. It will have meaning for you and it will just be a name to everyone else.

Just pick a name and use it for a week, after that you will think it is perfect.

As for creating the logo for 2151 Games, this was an even longer process. We had many different colors, shapes, 3D textures, different mascots. I would love to show some of the rejected designs but we didn't pay for the rights to those. In the end we went with a simple design with a mirrored 21 over 51. The idea was that with this basic premise we could make slight modifications in the future if we needed or wanted a special logo to go with a game.

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